Cloud Video Platform

    Easily Managed. Vastly Monetized. Effectively Delivered

    A complete solution for storing, managing and broadcasting
    media - up to full HD quality - over the internet.

    Video Content Delivery

    Anytime. Any Device. Anywhere

  • Reach your audience everywhere,
    on any mobile device.

    HTML5 Mobile Streaming

    iOS, Android, Windows 8 Mobile

    Using the OVIDIUS platform and hybrid CAST TIME® CDN services
    you are able to easily publish your content
    across multiple platforms.

  • Adaptive CDN Infrastructure

    Our advanced UK and Middle-East based CDN's provide
    robust and reliable media delivery
    with redundant and scalable infrastructure.

    Reliable media Delivery, Unlimited Scalability, Cost Effective.

    Hybrid CDN Solution

    Your business can employ one of the most powerful and diverse media delivery networks available

  • Experience Our Video Application
    Demo Center

    Smart Video Application

    iOS, Android, Windows 8 Mobile , Desktop

    The CAST TIME® Interactive video application center
    demonstrates our capabilities for providing customized functionality, look & feel and unique user experiences to all mobile and desktop users.

  • Revenue income from your video content

    Use Ad display system from external VAST Ad Delivery Network

    Attract advertisers with multiple methods
    of Ad display

    Ingest Your Ads

    VAST/VPAID Ad framework plugin

Ingest, Transcode & Deliver

Dedicated ingest folders shall be set up and automated workflow processes defined per unique customer needs. This enables drag-and-drop upload of video content (in any format) – to be automatically transcoded to the formats required for streaming to any platform and device. This also enables easy and transparent upload of UGC (User Generated Content).

Hybrid CDN Technology

Our own dedicated and hybrid CDN technology provides high quality video streaming to any desktop, tablet or smartphone platform (Flash, HTML5, Silverlight). This ensures that all audiences are able to view your video content – regardless of the device they use. As our CDN has been designed and built in-house, means that we are able to provide you with real-time reports of number of viewers, per video item, per viewing device (iPhone, Android, Desktop).

Rich Streaming Experience

When your viewers enjoy a buffer-free, HD video quality viewing experience, they consume more video content, are exposed to more advertising – and will return to your web site repeatedly. Our adaptive streaming technology ensures that we measure available bandwidth for each and every viewer – while streaming an appropriate bitrate at any given moment – towards ensuring that they enjoy an interruption-free viewing experience.

About Us

CAST TIME® specialize in IP streaming media products and unique Content Distribution Network (CDN) systems. CAST TIME® offer a complete end-to-end solution for delivery of advanced High-Definition OTT, TV Anywhere on Any Device including lIVe and VoD services over the Internet/IP networks for broadcasters and content owners. CAST TIME® products are 100% customizable thanks to stateof-the-art core design- which allows customers to broadcast high-Quality and high-Definition (lIVe and VoD) video content over the Net – with their own “twist”.our Video Platform and content distribution network (CDN) support all streaming technologies including flash, html5...

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